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Greetings from sunny California!

From our base in San Francisco, with the help of our agents, responsible suppliers, partners, government agencies, and volunteers from across the globe, we aim to protect the consumer, ensuring that they get what they are promised.

We received our first complaints against ‘Irian Adventures’ back in 1996. Imagine if you paid $10,000 for a 14-day all-inclusive trip to Papua New Guinea but when you arrived no one was there to greet you. Worse yet, the company was nowhere to be found. What could you do about? Nothing really. This is why we created this website to help you with your air travel complaints.

People across the world using ATC are creating a valuable network. By sharing their travel experiences they are helping one another to make the smartest traveling decisions. ATC serves as a powerful forum and problem solving agent for travelers the world over. It saves consumers from making a costly mistake when choosing a travel service while also serving as a conflict resolution medium for people who have experienced problems while traveling.

Bottom line: ATC is powered by users just like you, who file feedback and complaints about their trips and experiences. This solution delivers the real experience from real people. ATC, through a consumer-based system allows consumer oriented traveling businesses to reveal their excellent service quality and guides the customer away from businesses with questionable credibility.

After 10 years in the travel business we believe Touringpass Enterprises owed the obligation to the consumer, therefore, we decided to acquire ‘’ from eBay in late 2002. We have no affiliation with previous domain owner. Hope our site will serve your purpose!

Happy Travels,

ATC Staff

Updated: March 3, 2021