Air Travel Complaints
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What do we offer? Here is our Mission Statement. After serving the market for more than a decade, we at Touringpass Enterprises have recognized a crucial element of service missing in the Traveler and Travel Supplier relationship. That is an unbiased medium where air travel complaints can be worked out in a cost effective manner.

It is our missive to supply this simple solution, without the red tape where everyone wins. There are 3 reasons why, as a consumer, you should check with us before plunging that hard earned money on your trip.

Seal Program

Credibility in the Travel Industry is important. Simply subscribing to our services does not earn a company our seal. It is associated with a company once a consumer has initiated a dispute resolution process, one or more disputes have been resolved, or they have been rated by a consumer.

Rating Systems

Our report card is built upon voices like yourself. You’ll be able to see how other travelers rate the company, how many complaints have been filed against the company and most importantly how they handle consumer complaints from you as a consumer so you can make an informed decision. Our ‘Rating System’ distinguishes superior travel services from the rest. It establishes excellence through a ‘consumer-based’ track record and credibility in the travel industry.

Dispute Resolution

Problem not resolved? Our Dispute Resolution process aids the consumer and travel supplier in coming to a mutually beneficial conclusion. We take the hassle out of an otherwise costly, or impossible legal channel. Better be safe than plunged!

Updated: March 3, 2021